The Dream

Million Dollar Pink Ribbons is a non-profit organization started by Paul Martin and his family who watched their sister, Jen, battle with breast cancer for 15 years. This annual fundraiser was dedicated to the overwhelming love and generosity that Jen had towards all of those who were struggling with this disease. The idea was to build an online community of support where everyone could share their story on a pink ribbon. Through sponsors and donations, their goal was to raise one million dollars for Komen Austin.

We worked our way through all the sequences: Creative, Development, & Outreach.

The Logo

The Feel

The Dream Sequence

You Have A Uniqueness.

We thrive on digging deep, uprooting it, and exploiting it;
To find synergy between your personal beliefs and values, and your organization’s mission and goals.
Once you have it, it will show, and the world will simply get it…desire it…and care about it.