The Dream

Signs of Community (SOC) is a non-profit dedicated to helping communities get more involved by donating Community Announcement Centers. These centers would be installed throughout the community in high visible areas to display community-centric messages to engage & inform the community about city & school programs spurring involvement, safety, and growth.

We started at ground zero (Start-Up Sequence) with SOC. The idea was solid, but could be taken intrusive to a community, so the feel had to be friendly, inviting, and non-threatening. We chose a simple kindergarten approach for the design concept and warm colors to compliment. It kept everything light, honest, genuine, and fun.

The Logo

The Feel

The Dream Sequence

You Have A Uniqueness.

We thrive on digging deep, uprooting it, and exploiting it;
To find synergy between your personal beliefs and values, and your organization’s mission and goals.
Once you have it, it will show, and the world will simply get it…desire it…and care about it.